Unmasked, Texas.

Yesterday, Greg Abbott, announced that Texas was going to open 100% and no longer require masks. As of today, the death toll in the United States of America is over half of a million souls. The CDC, America's official health agency, did not recommend nor endorse this plan by Governor Abbott. It's a political move, [...]

Kingsbridge Series by Ken Follett

In his critically acclaimed Kingsbridge Series, Ken Follett transports the reader back in time to Kingsbridge, a small cathedral city in England. From here, a story follows that knits together the history of the people of England. While lower caste noblemen and women are often part of the stories; the books focus on the everyday [...]

Five Books to Read While the Power is Out

With most of the southern United States facing the coldest temperatures in a century, many of us are dusting off our bookshelves or our kindles and catching up on our never ending reading lists. Personally, I panicked as I'd just recently finished the two library books I had checked out from the Libby app and [...]