Guest Blog Information

Breezy Afternoons welcomes writers to submit a guest blog. The subject is: Why you HAVE to visit my hometown! This can be useful for blog SEO and backlinks, or can help boost your portfolio if you are a freelance writer. This page will provide submission criteria and details about what the next steps are.

Who Can Submit a Guest Blog?

Anyone can submit a guest blog. You do not have to be a blogger or a writer. All you need is a great story or good content.

What Can I Write About?

Breezy Afternoons is currently accepting submissions on the subject “Why you HAVE to visit my hometown!” Eventually, I would like to have a full section of guest blogs with this focus. Locals advising tourists on the best places to eat, visit, play and sleep is the goal! If you’ve got something different to talk about, email me and let’s discuss it.

Guest Bloggers Invited to Breezy Afternoons
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Suggestions for Great Content

  • No matter how small your home town is, there is something for everyone. Play up the strengths. For some people, having nothing to do is exactly what they want!
  • Share personal stories – keep them clean – to illustrate what people can do at each recommended spot.
  • When writing about restaurants, mention a specific food or meal and describe it in detail. Bonus points for photographs.
  • The first paragraph should include some history about the town – when was it founded?
  • Mention famous people who come from the town.
  • Highlight annual events. Is there a festival every summer? Are there holiday events?
  • Link to each place you recommend, if possible, and mention discount codes.
  • Remember to mention additional costs like parking, and link to public transportation details if possible.

Submission Guidelines

  • The post must be well-written and free of grammatical errors.
  • The post must be 500-1500 words.
  • The post must have good quality content.
  • Use original photos or copyright free photographs – recommendation is one photo per 500 words, but you can offer as many as you want.
  • Personal stories and anecdotes highly encouraged.
  • Offer infographics, links to tourist destinations and discounts, and downloadable maps. Make it valuable to travellers.
  • Mention your blog minimally. Each post will include a short biography of the author including link to blogs and social media.

Why does Breezy Afternoons do this?

I believe that collaboration is the gateway to success. By hosting your blog, we increase our network. I will link to your site and social media and share your material with my followers. What I ask in return is that you do the same. Link to your guest post from your blog, promote your guest post on your existing social media. We will be basically promoting each other and providing valuable content at the same time, making this an above board collaboration and preventing anyone from having to buy shady backlinks and advertising.

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