Seeking Guest Bloggers to Profile Hometowns!

Guest Bloggers Invited to Breezy Afternoons

Breezy Afternoons is inviting guest bloggers to write about why we absolutely HAVE to visit your hometown.

I’d like to invite anyone to submit a piece with all the dish on why your hometown is the next place we should visit. Whether you live in a major city or a tiny town, there is something interesting where you live that nowhere else can offer. I love to travel and am always looking for new places to go and quirky things to see.

My daughters and I once took a selfie with the world’s largest roll of toilet paper, for example. I write about personal travel whenever I can, as in this blog post about Dinosaur Valley State Park, in Texas. COVID-19 put a halt on travel for almost a full year. It is time to start seeing the world again. Let’s start here.

Travel gives the opportunity to look at beautiful art, architecture and how other people live. If you feel compelled to invite everyone to see something amazing in your hometown, please write about it here! You will have the opportunity to link to your blog. I will promote the post on social media, and we can each target each other’s followers. If you don’t have many followers, that’s fine. This should get you some new ones!

This will give you an opportunity to gather real, legitimate links and followers, and I get a beautiful travel post on my website. Your local tourism bureau may even throw in an exclusive offer if you ask nicely!

Guest Bloggers Don’t Need to Have a Blog

You do not have to have a blog or a website to participate. If you’re a tourism bureau or just enthusiastic about where you came from or where you live, I’d love to feature your work. Aspiring freelancers are welcome. Guest blogging filled out my portfolio and was instrumental in launching my freelancing career.

Guest blogs are common in the “blogosphere” as a means of promoting one’s blog and generating backlinks. Backlinks are an SEO boosting practice that signals to search engines that you deserve web traffic because other people link to you. Lately, Search engine algorithms weigh the number of links to your site from other, credible websites in determining where to rank your website. There are so many shady ways out there to get people to link to your blog. I believe in putting your best work out there for the world to take or leave.

Create a submission that will make people interested in your blog – make it fun to read. Please keep it between 500 and 1000 words. Photographs provided must be original or free of copyright. A profile on travel to your favorite place or hometown is a great, free way to generate excellent content and some backlinks while you’re at it. Email me at and let’s discuss.

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