The God of All Endings by Jacqueline Holland

God Of All Endings

The God of All Endings by Jacqueline Holland is described on it’s amazon page by Library Journal as “Great for fans of Interview With A Vampire and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.” I knew right then that I was going to read this book and I was going to love this book!

The God of All Endings is about Anna, a girl who loses her family to illness in 1894. Her grandfather rescues her from her village, who has adopted her but has no regards for her welfare. He is an immortal, and he turns her into a vampire.

The book is about her life, the places she’s gone and the people she’s loved. In 1986, she lives in upstate New York and runs a small preschool, focused on art. She has a well cared for group of cats that she feeds from, sneaking up and down the attic stairs to feed while the kids are sleeping.

She tries to help the people around her at all stages of her life, but she is not happy with her immortality. As she gets more involved with the community, she struggles to keep her distance from other people. Her hunger begins to grow and she is afraid she may harm the children in her care.

I rated the book four stars, and I recommend that if you love Anne Rice you’ll love this book. The difference between this character and Addie Larue is that Addie LaRue loved her life, but Anna wishes she could be released from her immortality. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you read both of these books – or either of them!

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