Diamond Paintings: Venice, Tulips, the World

Diamond Paintings by YALKIN REVIEW AMAZON

This blog is a review of three large diamond paintings that I purchased from Amazon and worked on over a period of several months. Diamond painting is an addictive hobby and can really be expensive if you are going through them super-fast (ahem).

The three diamond paintings I am reviewing were purchased by me in January, February, and April. I bought these for my personal use and didn’t intend on reviewing them, but they turned out to be such a great value, that I decided to write a blog post about them.

I’m reviewing these three together because they’re an unbelievable value and all sold by the same seller . These LARGE kits – 35.4″ x 11.8″ would cost $75-$100 at one of the specialized online diamond painting boutiques, so I thought they might be too good to be true.

YALKIN Venice (5-City) Diamond Painting

Finished Diamond Painting VENICE 5-City YALKIN Amazon

The Venice (5-City) diamond painting by YALKIN is one of the most beautiful, colorful works I’ve seen in a diamond painting. The kit came with plenty of the little plastic diamonds, wax, pens, and other accessories that are needed to complete the process.

I love to put my headphones in at night and listen to an audiobook while I’m mindlessly sorting and sticking the diamonds to the canvas. As such, some diamond paintings make me think of a specific book that I listened to while I completed the painting. This took me quite a few nights to finish, so I listened to Hour of the Witch by Chris Bohjalain and Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner. They were both excellent and I recommend that you read them both (I used Libby through my library but they’re of course available at Audible.)

What is most amazing about this piece is the price. I can’t believe that a diamond painting of this quality is such a value compared to specialty stores. I highly recommend this for someone looking to try the hobby out or anyone looking for a unique gift for that person who has it all.

I paid $16.99 for VENICE and it was a bargain, to say the least.

YALKIN Pink Tulips Diamond Painting

yalkin diamond painting finished pink tulips

Pink tulips is probably the most beautiful diamond painting I’ve ever finished. Before I finished, I had always preferred pieces with many bright colors, but this design showed me the beauty of really zooming in on a simple, beautiful object and going into great detail using shading.

Whereas I love creativity, I am not a particularly talented artist nor do I have any formal training so what may be obvious to many came to me a little late, I guess.

While I worked on Pink Tulips, I listened to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro for free using the Libby app from my local library. It is available on Audible and Kindle and in Paperback.

YALKIN The World (1-World Map) Diamond Painting

This world map was one of the first diamond paintings I finished and I really fell in love with the hobby and the art. My plan has been (and still is) to hang this in my office. I’ll use a matching washi tape to conceal the white border and serve as matting. I probably will not frame it because I have far too many finished pieces to be able to afford to frame them all. Nope.

While I worked on The World I listened to Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid for free through my local library using the Libby app. The book was narrated by Julia Whelan, one of my favorite narrators.

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