Three Day Road Trip: Dallas, TX to Pittsburgh, PA

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My husband and I and two of my children drove from Dallas, TX to Pittsburgh PA in three days.

In order to visit family in Pittsburgh, PA, we left our home on a Friday afternoon. We left at four o’clock and headed out. We stopped for snacks and fountain sodas and headed out! The first night, we did not do much sightseeing – we had a hotel booked in Little Rock, Arkansas. We arrived at about 10:00, and we all took turns showering and went to sleep. The strangest thing I noticed was that there were no masks required anywhere, nor were there any signs showing that people needed masks. Arkansas also has the meanest drivers out of all the states I’ve driven through. In other states, people let you over, in Arkansas, they speed up so you can’t get into traffic. I said many bad words in Arkansas.

The hotel in Little Rock was nice. The hotel breakfast was a box that contained a pastry, two hardboiled eggs and some yogurt. We ate and headed out for the next destination – Louisville, KY. We drove through Tennessee and Kentucky and had good experiences everywhere we went. Our hotel that night was wonderful and there were fresh baked waffles for breakfast. They even had single serve packages of Nutella on the breakfast bar! Perfect!

The third day we drove to Pittsburgh. We stopped in Cincinatti at Skyline Chili and had chili dogs. I’m sorry, for all of those that like that place, but I didn’t enjoy it. There wasn’t much flavor and the buns were soggy. It must be an acquired taste.

Anyway – we’re in Pittsburgh now, where we will be visiting family and working all week long. Tomorrow night we are going to see the Pirates play at PNC park. To be updated later! I’ll do a more comprehensive post when the vacation is over. I’ll update here every couple of days.

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