Everything I Need to Know About People I Learn By Watching Them Play UNO.

person holding uno cards

If you really want to get to know someone’s character, challenge them to a few rounds of UNO. They will reveal key aspects of their personality in how they play the game. You will find out just how seriously they take themselves.

If he throws his hand down and walks away after you double draw-four wild his ass, that’s how he’s going to act when his favorite sports team loses a game. Mark my words.

If she has to be constantly reminded that it’s her turn? Get that girl evaluated for ADHD if she isn’t already. Pay attention, people! We have to keep this game MOVING. (Guess which type of player I am? Yes. The one who constantly nags everyone to take their damn turn already, we don’t have all day, here).

Does he make everyone wait until all of his cards are organized in his hand by color and in numerical order? OCD. Also me.

When you quadruple draw two on her, does she narrow her eyes and vow to draw four you into oblivion? She’s a catch. She is also me.

What about the heathens that just keep all of their cards in a giant pile that is not organized by color OR number? These people are savages and shouldn’t be allowed in polite company.

Then you have the rule-enforcer. This player will spend the game looking around and telling everyone “I can see your cards” even though he would not see if he wasn’t looking. He will also not let anyone get away with any rule bends and will consult the rulebook. This can be a positive or a negative trait. The positive is that he’s a rule follower. The negative is that he is a PARTY POOPER.

Playing board games and competition can often bring out the best and the worst in people. No one wants to play with someone who takes a game of cards seriously. It’s fun to be competitive, but important not to be a sore loser. No one wants to play with the guy that throws cards or quits mid-game. Don’t be that guy.

If you’re dating someone new, get them active in a good game of UNO with four or more people. You’ll know by the end of the night whether he’s a stud or a dud. (Someone has probably used that term before but I really did just make it up so I’m claiming it).

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