Unique Gifts for Adults Under $50

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Looking for unique gifts for adults? Need an idea for Mother’s Day? Engagement? Birthday? for someone that has everything or someone you don’t know well but want to impress? Here’s a list of some of my favorites that will guarantee a happy recipient.

Unique Gifts for Adults

Wooden Server with Glass Dome

cake dome unique gift

This gift works for literally everyone – in the age of instagram it will look beautiful in any home. Between the resurgence of midcentury modern and rustic brushed hardwoods, it fits any decor and makes all food perfectly instagrammable. This is a high quality serving piece as well, and it will look like you spent way over $45.

Easy to Grow Houseplant – Unique and Beautiful – Pink Nanouk Tradescantia

Pink Nanouk Tradescantia

My first ever Houseplant Spotlight featured this beautiful plant. It’s super easy to grow, guaranteed to be unique – most people have never heard of these. When they see the beautiful pink leaves with the bright purple undersides they usually can’t believe what they’re seeing.

The fact that it’s easy to grow seems almost unfair. The gift recipient just needs to check the soil every week or so to make sure it isn’t completely bone dry. Add a little water and keep near a sunny window. It’s an extraordinary gift.

Italian Glass Water Bottle

italian glass bottle

This Italian glass water bottle looks beautiful and is truly a gift anyone can use. If you have friends from Europe or that enjoy visiting Europe, this will be familiar to them.

Because most Europeans use water carbonators, these bottles are popular. The airtight seal holds in the carbonation, meaning they can pour a soda or carbonate their own water and serve it to friends without the water going flat.

You see these on European cafe tables, making this hipster friendly, too. 😉 At this price, you can get a set of three and still be under $50.00.

Wooden Block Calendar

Wooden block calendar for Unique Gift Ideas

For $11, this makes a great gift for a co-worker who you’d like to make a gesture for or someone who has a new job or a new home office.

This is also the perfect kind of gift for a child’s room, as well. Kids love to play with interchangeable blocks. I mean, I still like to do this and I’m in my forties.

Bedside Shelf

Bedside shelf - Unique Gifts

While this does not fit every single bed, most people would be able to find a use for this – but this would make for a wonderful get well soon gift, for someone recovering from surgery or covid or cancer.

Digital Tape Measure

digital tape measure

Digital Tape Measures are a good gift for anyone who owns a home or is a “maker” – the newest name for someone who is handy and likes to craft. It’s a useful gift that someone probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. This would be great for secret santa, birthday gifts, or stocking stuffers.

Bookends Carved from Real North American Aragonite

grey stone bookends

These bookends are just under seven inches tall, but are made of heavy stone. They are stunning and would make an excellent gift for anyone. Weddings, birthdays, graduation, hostess gifts, anything. This is one of my favorites on the list.

Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven

Unique gifts for adults

This was a bestseller for like two years on all of the lists. It is probably still on a list somewhere. The reason is that it’s short, it’s easy to read and it has excellent advice. Gift this to anyone to whom you are a mentor or an example for.

This book, along with “How to Win Friends and Influence People” are two of the very best books to give to people just making their way into the world.

Power Bank

power bank unique gifts under $50

This is a great gift for everyone because everyone likely owns several devices that are compatible with this power bank. Power banks are pretty low cost, too. For $40, this power bank can charge a MacBook twice or an iPhone five times. If you’re going on vacation or know someone who is always losing their charger, get them this power bank and cover it with super bright stickers so that they can’t lose it. It’ll be a huge hit. For smaller budgets, you can get a similar power bank that will hold one or two phone charges and you still look like a hero!

Wyze Cam – Wifi, Livestream, Alexa/Google Compatible

wyze cam

It’s simplay amazing to me that this piece of technology is less than thirty bucks. This is a wifi enabled camera that you can use to lifestream and talk with the people you are life streaming to. The camera is equipped with night vision, it is voice activated and controlled. For people with pets or any room they want to keep an eye on by opening an app, this is the gift that they will appreciate the most.

Candy-Covered Pretzels

Breezy Afternoons Unique Gifts for Under 50 Chocolate Pretzels

These made the list because they are a versatile gift for any adult and any occasion. Almost everyone loves chocolate; it is impersonal enough for a corporate gifts but sweet enough to give to a family member.

Wooden Pizza Peel

pizza peel

A Pizza peel is a kitchen tool that everyone has a use for, yet practically nobody has. Most people make frozen pizzas all the time, yet they don’t usually have a good tool to remove the hot pizza from the oven. This is a great gift.

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