Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

Kiss My Cupcake

Kiss my Cupcake by Helena Hunting is a fun rom-com romance novel with humor and charm.

Blaire Calloway

Blaire Calloway is a baker from a family of successful controlling restauranteurs. Very controlling restauranteurs. She’s moving her cupcake truck enterprise to a new storefront in a great location where she will sell cupcakes and cocktails without her family hanging over her shoulder. It’s called Buttercream & Booze and it basically sounds like every modern woman’s dream location for a night out, right?

Just before Blaire’s grand opening, the old sports bar next door begins construction on an ax-throwing area. Blaire’s adorable sparkly unicorn martini glasses fall off of a shelf attached to the wall she shares with the bar and shatters. Ok – just to be transparent here, I’m not sure if the unicorn glasses are sparkly in the book, but they are in my imagination. Think martini glass breaks, and a glitter bomb goes off. (That actually does happen later in the book, now that I think of it).

Blaire is a Type A super planner and has every single detail of everything mapped out. She gets super upset at the noise and runs over to the bar next door to find out what’s going on.

Ronan Knight

Ronan Knight is an attractive guy. He’s a hipster covered in tattoos. The Knight Cap is his grandfather’s bar, and he’s going to be running it since the old man has slowed down a little. The renovations are part of his plans to revive the family business. He also always dresses in plaid. This is a very important detail throughout the book, but I’m not sure why. It’s a cute kitsch thing, though.

Ronan tells Blaire to get lost and ends up playing cute little pranks on her. When she opens up, he opens the bar on the same day. He comes into the cupcake shop, buys a bunch, and eats them then and there. He loves the cupcakes more than basically anything and she ends up saving some special cupcakes for him every day. They’re often naughty or silly and it adds a whole layer of fun to the book. They become really endearing. You’ll like the guy.

The Competition

When they discover that a popular franchise adult fun plex with cheap beer and games is opening across the street, they join forces to create events and promotions that encourage their customers to come out. Trivia at her place followed by Karaoke at the bar. It’s a cute collaboration. They’re also both nominated for a YouTuber “Influencer” best bars in America type challenge. So they’re working together, competing against each other, and he is open about thinking she’s gorgeous and wonderful the whole time. It’s cute, and very fun to read.

The Verdict

If you like rom-com’s that are well written and charming, this is a great book to read when you want to relax and read something fun. The book flows well, the jokes are great, and the characters are fun. There is the right kind of tension, some good-old fashioned smut, and I enjoyed it. It was easy to read. I read the book during a historic ice storm and had no power so, I finished it in one day. It’s not incredibly long.

Check this book out at my bookstore or on Amazon! If you loved Kiss My Cupcake, check out my book review of Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey! More on Kiss my Cupcake at Helena Hunting’s website.

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