Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey: A Book Review

Tessa Bailey Fix Her Up

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey is a “forbidden love” romance novel. It is the first of a series of three books. I wish this series could go on forever, because the books are unputdownable.

Hometown Hero Returns

Travis Ford is a World Series Champion baseball player. He’s known in the tabloids as “Two Bats” – referencing his off-field conquests of many, many beautiful women. His reputation is well-deserved. Passed around between parents that didn’t really want him as a child, Travis is completely shut off from any real relationships and is just looking to be left alone. Especially now that he’s injured his shoulder and will never play the game again.

He’s depressed, living in a cheap third floor apartment amongst filth, when his best friend’s little sister Georgie, enters the picture. She is the only person close enough to Travis to not care if she hurts his feelings, and is determined to bring him out of his funk and get him back on his feet. She’s been in love with him since she was a kid, and he still sees her as if she was trapped in time at age 12.

Best Friend’s Little Sister is Off-Limits

Georgie lights a little fire under Travis, and from the moment he stands up to her the crazy hot attraction begins. Georgie isn’t intending to make Travis fall in love with her, though. She’s cared about him since she was a kid, and she wants to see him happy. Unlike Georgie, the other women in town are all competing to see who gets to date Travis first. He is a famous womanizer, they know, so they can’t wait to get a piece of the action now that he’s back home.

Travis, of course, can’t get Georgie out of his head. He’s doing his best to do right by his best friend Stephen. With his reputation, even being associated with Georgie will cause people to view her differently. He cares about their whole family and the only decent thing about him is that he is loyal to them, he thinks.

This book is not for the genteel woman inside all of us, girls. This one is smokin’ hot.

Tessa Bailey is a Master of her Craft

Look, romance novels recycle the same tropes over and over, but we keep reading them because we love them when they’re done well. This one is done GREAT. I only read a few romance novels here and there on recommendation from friends, but I am so glad I picked this one up. It is the best “forbidden love” romance novel I’ve ever read. I even bought the thing on my kindle to read whenever I may be having a bad day. It’s such a sweet story and full of female empowerment and <ahem> depravity.

I love it.

A young women owning her sexuality and driving a hot guy crazy in the meantime is just the kind of spice I like in my romance. If you’re the same, go pick this thing up, like, today. It’s the first book in a three book series. I already skipped ahead and read book three, because, well, cowboy.

Where to Buy Tessa Bailey’s Hot and Hammered Series

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