The First Christmas Cactus Bloom of 2020; May it Bring me Cheer.

In a tough year, I am pleased to see such a gorgeous bloom. Today in particular, I am feeling insecure and not particularly useful. I keep looking at this beautiful flower to try to lift my spirits.

When one gives up their career to raise children, there often comes a time when they’re not needed as much. We can plan for this by obtaining degrees and certifications, having hobbies, and looking for networking opportunities, but when nothing pans out, it can be really disheartening.

The problem of Generation X women is this: our entire lives we were promised that we could have it all. Career, family, sexy thighs and good marriages. When we grow to have any number of these things, we feel like we have failed because we do not have all of them.

I have most of them. That will have to be enough for now.

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