What should I Read Next?

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Most avid readers have long to-be-read (TBR) lists. Whenever I am looking for something to read I like to search my library’s catalog online and place holds on the books that will take a while to get through the waiting lists to me. So many people do not know that the library will hold books for them. If the book is checked out, you essentially get added to the waiting list, and as patrons read and return books, it will eventually be your turn. My local library system has five branches and if I want to put a book on hold, and it is available at another library, they will transfer it to my preferred library within 24 hours. Now THAT is service.

Here is the list of digital holds I’m currently waiting for:

A Libertarian Walks into a Bear by Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling : Hongoltz-Hetling is a journalist who is also a really good writer. I’ve got this on hold because I love to see social experiments in real time. Libertarians have determined this small town is the perfect place to put down roots and enjoy limited government, and it quickly gets complicated by bears of all things. I can’t wait to read it. The title is legendary, as well.

When no one is watching by Alyssa Cole: Sometimes, I want to read a book because I’m not sure if it will be brilliant or terrible. This book involves neighborhood gentrification and somehow implies it is a psychological thriller. Like, is gentrification murdering people? While they’re trying to preserve the neighborhood’s history all of a sudden their lives are in danger. Why? I want to know.

The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton : I love books involving reincarnation of characters into their own past lives – think Groundhog Day and The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. I appreciate that the writer has to put a LOT of work into it to make it consistent and believable – when it’s a totally unbelievable concept to begin with. It also sounds like clue, except at the end of every day, the main character wakes up and it’s the beginning of the day of the murder and he is in the body of a different suspect of the murder. I can’t wait to read it.

84K By Claire North: I like well-executed dystopian fiction, so I have high hopes for this one. In this society, criminals can pay their debts to society in cash, instead of incarceration. Seems terrifying, no? In this case, a woman is murdered and the man who has killed her can pay his debt, so the case is closed. But someone decides to dig in deeper – and I want to know the whole story. Don’t you?

The Fortunate Ones by Ed Tarkington. : This one is coming soon – it isn’t going to be released for a couple of months but I’m first on the hold list for when it comes out! In this book, a poor kid gets a scholarship to an elite private school and becomes entangled with a rich students aristocratic family. Life is good in a world where no one worries about money and bad behaviors are overlooked. The deeper the kid gets involved, the worse it gets. The title sucked me into this one – I’m a big fan of “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I’m interested in digging deeper into what that means.

These are the books I’m waiting on now. Leave me a comment with what you’re waiting on and follow me for reviews of these books at a later date!

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