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For as long as I’ve been able to speak, I’ve always wanted to share the things that I enjoy with the people around me. If I have a great experience at a restaurant, I want all my friends to know so they can go have a good time. That excitement about friendship and connecting is what motivated me to start this website. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kelly and I live in the great state of Texas. I’d like to share the things that make me happy with people with similar interests.

I’ve been married to my best friend since 2006. I’ve been a mom since 2001, and 2007, and 2010. All of my children are girls. I’ve been out of the corporate world since 2007, focusing instead on managing my family and home while my husband’s high-powered career in the beverage industry continues to soar. While life hasn’t always been easy, we have always uplifted each other. Over the years, I’ve faced many challenges and losses, but I’ve always landed softly, thanks to my family. You’ll be hearing a lot about them, however, only what they give me permission to post. I never include anyone in my public writings that have not given me permission.

Let me begin with some of my interests and hobbies – which is much of what you’ll be reading about!

I love being a mom. My children are no longer babies, or even toddlers, but I’m still always looking for fun activities that allow me to spend time with them. For example, I love taking them on day trips to small towns to see touristy things and eat everything I can get my hands on. Just a few bites, though, I promise! My kids also love to bake. I love to cook, but bake? Not so much. Middle Child loves to bake, and I love to create, so we often tag team. She bakes, I decorate. The Baby (She’s 10, but she’s always going to be The Baby) loves science experiments and working with her hands. She is the one I call when I want a partner to assemble some furniture. The Oldest works a full time job and keeps me up to date on the latest in pop culture. I never know who the latest actors and “influencers” are (where even did influencers come from??) because I’m a busy bee. I like to be up or doing something with my hands and if I have a break, I like to use it to read.

Reading. Books. This is my most wonderful guilty pleasure. I read everything. I’m active on goodreads and I am addicted to audible. If I’m doing anything with my hands and no one is around, I’m listening to an audiobook. I have favorite narrators, authors, and I love discussing books. I’ll likely post quite a bit about books I read, books I want to read, and books that have been turned into movies or TV. I love to read non-fiction, historical fiction, horror, fantasy and every once in a while, some steamy romance. Preferably smut.

My husband and I live in our dream house. It’s a huge old house on a trail in a suburban neighborhood in North Texas. The only way we could ever afford this house is that it had never been updated. I spend many of my weekends painting, sanding, sawing, installing, hanging things, and I have a never ending quest of killing poison ivy. I never imagined myself as a do-it-yourselfer, but here I am! We will finish painting our kitchen cabinets soon, and there will be a long post about that – coming soon! All in all, I’m really fortunate to be living in what is my dream house – or will be, after all of the renovations are finished.

We moved into our dream house on March 11, 2020. That day, as we stood among dozens of unopened boxes, we got a news alert that school was going to be cancelled for the next two weeks due to the novel coronavirus. Well. The next six months involved our family really getting to know each other well. It also led to me starting to obsess over a houseplant I found at the local grocery store. It was a small little thing. Now it’s quite large and has 30 friends sitting around it in our sunroom. I’ll tell you more about Homer and the rest of the plants soon!

I’m never going to be one of those bloggers that writes 10,000 words of content to explain how to make toast on a baguette. Don’t worry. What you’ll get from me are recipes and foods that I enjoy, that I find to be healthy and delicious, and that I like so much that I really want YOU to taste so you can enjoy it as much as I can. I’d also love to hear yours!

Last, but not least – travel. My husband and I are travel/event people. We don’t have many gadgets, but we have lots of hotel points. Each year we budget for a large family vacation. I’ll write about some of our past vacations, our travel plans, and all the good and bad of our experiences. They’ve been wonderful, from last month’s day trip to Jefferson City, Texas, to Paris, France in 2016.

While this blog seems to be ALL ABOUT ME, really, my goal is to become better acquainted with YOU. This giant digital world can be lonely, and we all need some kind of place to go to find friendship and peace. This website is one little spot of the internet where I’m staking my claim. This place will be kind. It will be peaceful. It will be breezy.

See you soon,

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