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Second Son: A Novel of the South: A Book Review

It’s a rare treat when we find a novel written by an unknown author that is so extraordinary. It feels like discovering a secret. To find one of the best written novels I’ve ever come across this way was a pleasant surprise. I cannot recommend highly enough.

All Quiet on the Western Front, 1930

In Berlin, on the evening of December 5, 1930, at the Mozart Hall, a sold out showing of All Quiet on the Western Front is about to begin. This is the German premiere of the movie that has already won Best Picture in America. “Ten minutes into the performance, a small, dark haired, man arose from his front row balcony seat and stalked up the darkened aisle toward the exit. This man, Joseph Goebbels, was giving a signal to the Nazis that had packed the seats and were patiently awaiting their signal.. They rose and began chanting “Judenfilm, Judenfilm!” They threw stink bombs and released mice into the theater…

The Covid Chronicles by Stu Whitney: A Book Review

Stu Whitney has accomplished what most novelists dream of – a great novel, written and published at the right moment. The Covid Chronicles tackles tough issues that we have all struggled with over the past year. The fear and uncertainty that swept into our lives with the COVID-19 pandemic are illuminated through a father’s hopes for his […]

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